Hi Everyone,

Welcome to today’s tutorial on HOW TO MAKE A FEMALE TROUSERS’ PATTERN”

Well like I mentioned in the previous tutorial ‘HOW TO MAKE A BASIC BLOUSE WITH PRINCESS SEAM (you can check that out at ( ,a pattern is just a sketch of how we want our design to look like, sort of a rough work. After we are sure we have our designs the way we want it…we use it to cut out our fabric.

Now that we’ve established that….let’s begin!


  1. Two Scrap papers; they could be brown wrapping paper, newspaper, carbon paper, scrap fabric…any of your choice.
  2. Pen, pencil or marker
  3. Ruler
  4. Scissor
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Already-made trouser to trace.


  • Fold each of your scrap paper or fabric into two equal halves and also your already-made trouser preferably a jeans. On the first piece, place your jeans and trace 2.5″ away from it on your scrap paper. This is to accommodate for  stitch and seam allowance and also because a jeans is usually tight. Now, it is also important that the crotch( which is the center part of the trouser-the point where the four parts of the trousers meet; the point just below the zip)is pointing out. After tracing, your piece should look like this:

single front piece



  • Then use your scissors to cut it out. you will arrive at two pieces:

two front pieces

  • For the back piece, take one of your scrapped front pieces and place it on your second half- folded scrap paper. Place it 2″ inches lower at the top so as to leave enough room for the back piece. trace all the corners of the piece besides the crotch. At the crotch, take your measuring tape and measure the width of the your front piece from the hip to the crotch, then use a pen or marker or pencil to mark the middle or center(whichever word you prefer). Then take your hip measurement and divide it by 4. for example, my hip length is 38″, so i’ll divide by 4 to have 9.5″ With this measurement i’ll use my measuring tape to measure 9.5″ from the mark i made at the middle of the front piece to get the depth of my crotch for the back piece( the reason for this is because, the crotch of the back piece should be longer than the front to accommodate for your backside). your back piece should look like this:

trousers 002single back piece

You can see above, that our back piece is 2″ inches higher than the front and the crotch is 3-4 inches longer than the front piece’s.

  • Now, we cut out our back piece to arrive at two pieces, they should look like these
  • :two back pieces

Tada! there you go…our trousers’ pattern is ready to be cut out on fabric….

two front pieces         two back pieces

I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial. If there is any question or suggestion or request you have, please feel free to comment right there at the comment box. Don’t forget that you have to have an email address to be able to follow my blog and please do FOLLOW and SHARE  and by the way, you can always reach me on facebook @DELA’Q House of Fashion(you have to LIKE the page first though), @ twitter & instagram on @fashdelaq and of course on bbm @749AF123…

Look  forward to hearing from you…Till then, see you next time on another tutorial. #muah.

And be not conformed to this world: but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God”- Romans 12:2

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